If you have adopted a child from another country in conformity with that country’s adoption laws, then the heavy lifting of the legal steps involved in the adoption is done, but to fully protect your child and your relationship with him or her, completing the process of readoption in California is highly recommended. Fortunately, the process of readoption in California will almost certainly be more simple than the adoption process itself, and low-priced flat-fee legal services are available to make this process as smooth as possible.

Why is Readoption Important?

Although your adoption of your child pursuant to another country’s laws finalizes the adoption with respect to that country’s jurisdiction, readoption in the United States will ensure that you and your child enjoy all the benefits of the parent-child relationship in all 50 states with respect to issues such as immigration, inheritance, and other issues. With a readoption, your child will receive a US birth certificate, and your status as the parent of child will be recognized in every state you may ever reside or be present in and will mitigate concerns related to the child’s immigration status.

Readopting in California

The process for obtaining a readoption in California, which will be recognized by all 50 states, includes:
Preparing a California Adoption Request and filing it with the proper court. In filing the request, you will need to collect and provide supporting documents, including immigration documentation; certified, translated copies of the foreign adoption decrees; a birth certificate from the child’s home country; and any other required documents.
A post-placement visit to your home by a California homestudy agency. This can be one visit, although there may be up to four visits.

A report drawn up by the California homestudy agency following the post-placement visit(s) which will then be filed with the court. This report will assess the child, the adoptive parents, information on the child’s background such as birth parents and whether the foreign adoption was legally conducted, and provide a recommendation for or against readoption in California.

Following the submission of the report, a finalization hearing with the judge who will review the report and your submission and make the decision on whether to approve the readoption.

Flat-Fee Readoption Legal Services in California

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