Their family, their friends, their community is here. Their citizenship should be, too.

Tell Congress to close the loophole and pass the Adoptee Citizenship Act of 2019 before it expires!
Through no fault of their own, some people who were adopted internationally by U.S. citizen parents still lack U.S. citizenship today. As a result, these individuals have had to endure numerous problems including difficulty attending college, accessing banking services, or starting their careers. Without their rightful citizenship, they are unable to vote or access critical government supports and services such as the unemployment benefits that helped so many families during this time of financial crisis. Today, advocates from across the country are uniting to close the loopholes and secure permanent citizenshipt for adoptees by urging Congress to pass the Adoptee Citizenship Act before it expires.

  • Ready to stand up for adoptee citizenship? Start by visiting the ACA advocacy center. The website is packed full of helpful information and resources, including…
  • Quick details on the citizenship loophole and the proposed solution
  • Sample messages for emailing or calling Congress
  • Shareable graphics for social media
  • Factsheets you can share with your Congressional offices, friends, and family
  • Advocacy tips to increase your impact—especially if your members of Congress are on the committees reviewing these bills


Don’t wait! We need to show congress widespread, nationwide support to ensure this legislation passes this year so that adoptees can have access to the benefits of citizenship they rightfully deserve.

Reposted from the National Council For Adoption