Adopting a foster child is one of the most wonderful and impactful ways that you can make a difference not only in a child’s life, but your life as well. At Adoption Law Group in Pasadena, our California adoption attorneys have finalized hundreds of foster care adoptions, while also insuring that foster parents receive appropriate Adoption Assistance funding from the State. We understand that the foster parenting journey is often a grueling one, and at Adoption Law Group, we are committed to helping your case finalize as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

Flat-Fee Adoption Pricing to Fit Your Budget

At Adoption Law Group, our primary motivation is helping children find loving permanence.  Once your foster case is ready for finalization, we are here to get it to the final hearing as quickly as possible, without breaking your bank. Thus, we are pleased to be able to offer a flat-fee rate of $700 for a foster care adoption finalization, which includes all necessary communication with DCFS personnel, review of your AAP rate, preparation and filing of all documents and appearing with you at the finalization hearing before the judge.

Fortunately, you can recover much of the above charges from your California county which will reimburse for up to $400 in legal fees incurred with respect to your foster care adoption. The entire process for a foster care adoption in California generally takes around three months.

You Will Be Entitled to Adoptions Assistance Program Funding Post-Adoption

One important point to keep in mind when considering the costs of adopting a foster child in California is that, as an adoptive parent, you will still be entitled to receive payments through the Adoptions Assistance Program (AAP) even after the adoption is finalized. This funding will continue until the child reaches the age of 18 or 19 and graduates from high school.

That said, it is important to make sure that you have established the proper funding rate with the state prior to the adoption, as changing the rate after the adoption is finalized becomes significantly more difficult. Our experienced adoption attorneys will walk you through this process to make sure you are properly reimbursed.

Experienced Attorneys for Your California Fost-Adoption

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