Whether or not you need an attorney to adopt your stepchild in California depends on several factors.  Since we’re adoption attorneys, it’s tempting to say, “of course!” but we also want everyone, regardless of income, to have access to adoption, so here’s the honest answer:

If the biological parent who is no longer involved in the child’s life is either deceased or willing to sign a consent to the adoption, most people can complete the necessary paperwork on their own by obtaining a packet of forms from the branch of their local county superior court where adoptions are processed.  It may take some trial and error to get the forms properly completed, but it’s certainly doable.  Adoption Law Group’s adoption attorneys work quickly and efficiently to get your paperwork done right the first time and to make sure that it is shepherded through the investigation and finalization process smoothly and painlessly.  Our flat fee pricing for these basic adoptions is an affordable way to make sure your case moves to completion rapidly.

If the biological parent either cannot be located or is unwilling to give their consent to the adoption, it will most likely be necessary to hire an adoption attorney to take the appropriate court action to terminate their parental rights.  Adoption Law Group attorneys are experienced in all types of California birth parent termination actions and can give you expert guidance on how best to approach non-consenting birth parents.  We offer a free consultation to discuss the particulars of your case.  We are generally able to offer flat fee pricing for non-contested termination actions, ranging from $1, 650 to $3,050, depending on the circumstances.  In contested situations, we charge a reasonable hourly fee for our litigation services.  Our goal is always to achieve resolution in a way that best serves your child’s best interests and keeps your costs reasonable.  We often step into cases that began as a do-it-yourself adoption and now require attorney services to complete the process.  To book a free consultation call with one of our attorneys, please click here: https://adoptionlawgroup.youcanbook.me