We are all trying to navigate these very strange times and it’s still difficult to guess just how far-reaching the health and financial effects of Covid-19 will be. Obviously, for those waiting to bring home a child they are adopting internationally, the additional uncertainty and waiting time is incredibly disappointing. On the domestic front, tightened finances may make beginning the journey towards infant adoption for daunting; on the other hand, this is an excellent time to research options online and make phone calls to possible agencies and attorneys. We’re affiliated with AdoptMatch, an online matching service that connects expectant moms with ethical adoption professionals and their clients. AdoptMatch contains excellent articles on domestic adoption and may be an affordable way for prospective adoptive parents to begin their adoption journey.

Sadly, times like these can create emotional and financial stressors that lead more women and families seeking parenting help through adoption or guardianship. We at ALG believe strongly that finances alone should not push someone into adoption, and we seek to be a resource for moms and families struggling to come up with safe, positive solutions for their child and family. Contact us for a free consultation.

The courts are still open, on a limited basis, for filing new matters, and Adoption Law Group is open and working remotely to insure timely resolution for our clients’ matters.