About Us

About Us

Adoption Law Group is a law firm in Southern California dedicated exclusively to adoption.

Our areas of practice include stepparent adoptions, fost-adopt finalizations, agency-assisted adoption finalizations, adult adoptions, guardianships and international readoptions. Our companion firm, TruAdopt, is dedicated exclusively to expectant parent (birth parent) representation.


“Adoption Law Group strives to handle each matter with diligence and compassion, always keeping childrens’ best interests as our central focus.”

We will always be grateful for the way Adoption Law Group handled our adoption –  from the very first phone call to our finalization day. Each step along the way, Celeste kept us informed about what to expect next.  She didn’t sugarcoat the process, which we appreciated, and did a great job of helping us focus on what was truly important and not get distracted by unimportant details.


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